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Overview of the upcoming fishouts

Fishouts are for all members
From mentor trips for beginning fly fishers to advanced trips for the pro's and ranging from basic backpacking to luxurious lodging outings. The calendar below shows them all.

We need you!
If you have a favorite place that you are willing to share with your fellow PFF members then you are pre-qualified to be a fishmaster.  Go to "Become a Fishmaster" to learn more.

Fishout Refund Policy

There are no refunds. In the event that a member or guest is, for any reason, unable to attend a fishout he may resell his slot (rod) to another PFF member.  It is the sole responsibility of the member to manage this transaction.  This is not the responsibility of the fishmaster or officers of the club.

Fishout Data Sheet

Ready to run your first fishout? Download the data sheet to get started with your fishout.


Waiver for Guests

Guests need to sign a waiver before they can attend a fishout. Please click and download the PDF below, sign and return to the fishmaster. 

PFF Fishout Waiver Form 

Upcoming events

    • January 25, 2018
    • 8:00 AM
    • January 28, 2018
    • 11:00 AM
    • Trinity River



    DATES: January 25,26,27 2018

    LOCATION: Trinity River. Indian Creek Lodge

    TYPE OF FISHING: Steelhead

    Cost Free

    Space unlimited

    SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced .Indicator rigging, flies on the swing, casting skills required

    FISH MASTER: Mike Pinelli

    Evenings 650 355 2846

    Work 650 355 4050


    GUIDES: Confluence Outfitters will offer boats. 2 rods per boat, first come first serve. float day, Friday January 26th. We can get two additional boats if required

    To Register you will need to go to the PFF website and register your name. Call or email your confirmation to Mike Pinelli .Trips include lunch

    The Trinity float will be swing and indicator day.

    Trinity Float will be $475 per boat. Call Mike Pinelli to reserve your spot on the boat. We will be picked up at the Indian Creek lodge with no shuttle required.

    Drop Dead date to confirm: December 15, 2017 for the boat Trips and final rod count.

    Gear Recommendations

    ROD SIZE: 5 to 8 weights

    LINE: Depending on the water my favorite is floating with a sinking tip.

    LEADER: 3X or 8lb. 2X work well if you’re optimistic. Use your own judgment and capabilities on this.

    FLIES: It is going to depend on the rain and the water level as to the fishing and the flies. The stand by that you want to take is:

    Wet Flies:

    • #6 to #12
    • The Burlap Special; (Developed by Bob Delemos for the Trinity River).
    • Crusty (can be purchased at the Trinity Fly Shop)
    • Assassin
    • Silver Hiltons and the NEW Paris Hilton
    • Green Butt Skunk
    • Brendle Bug
    • Green Butt Silver Hilton
    • Moss Back
    • Muddler
    • All of your favorites and don't forget to pack a couple of Woolly Buggers.

    Dry Flies

    • Large Humpies will work:
    • Bombers
    • Grey Wolf
    • Black Wolf
    • Royal Wolf



    Call 530 623 6294

    The main accommodations will be at the INDIAN CREEK LODGE on the river. These are new accommodations and I highly recommend them. They have cabins with full kitchens and also some with just microwaves and refrigerators. They also have a couple of rooms for people with pets. See the web site of


    You need to do this ASAP because the lodge books quickly this time of the year.


    You are responsible for your own food for breakfast and lunches and dinner on for all days except Saturday night.

    Indian Canyon lodge now has a restaurant in the lodge, it serves dinner Wednesday thru Sunday. We are going to have Thursday and Friday Night dinner there. There will be more on this as we get closer to the day. You can review the menus on their website

    Now here is the FUN PART.

    Yes------- There will be the Saturday night BBQ party.

    So be there’ see below.

    Here's how it works: You bring one dish of your choice for the potluck. (see below for options) The club will buy beef tri-tip and chicken for the members who sign up. We will divide the cost and collect Saturday night. When making a dish for sharing the best gauge is make enough for four people. Please adhere to the 4 person dishes as we end up with a lot of waste (we are suppose to be a conservation club). There is in our cabin a new 4 burner electric stove and a large oven for use on Saturday night. This is what we will need for Saturday’s dinner.

    A. Hors d'oeuvre

    B. Salads (like macaroni, potato etc.)

    C. Vegetables whatever is in season

    D. Club will do Tri-Tip and Chicken

    E. Deserts (cookies etc.)

    This will be BYOB for the cocktail hour and your own wine for the BBQ.

    Cocktails: will start @ 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00. My Room

    Call me or e-mail me and let me know your plans

    This year will be good fishing, and we always have a good time. If you don't come you will hear all the stories and not know if they are true!

    Mike Pinelli

    • February 24, 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
    • 20 miles Northeast of Red Bluff
    • 7
    This is a fantastic big trout fish-out for beginners to experts. A guide will be available to help you rig. No wading required. If you have a float tube bring it along

    Click here to read information on the "how to" fish eagle canyon.  

    Eagle Canyon Lake's trophy trout are the biggest, healthiest, hardest-fighting rainbows you'll find anywhere. These fish are raised in the clean, cold spring-fed waters of Mt. Lassen. You will find our rainbows to be incredibly eager to take flies. Our big fish are quality fish.Plenty of five-pound-plus 'bows per day typify the kind of success that distinguishes our fishery; 10-pound-plus 'bows are hooked regularly.

    Located just off Highway 36 East, approximately 20 miles northeast of Red Bluff, California. The lakes are located on a working cattle ranch in the oak-covered foothills west of Mt. Lassen National Park. This serene outdoor setting is characterized by spring-fed waters, volcanic outcrops, and snow-capped mountains. We have two spring-fed lakes on the ranch. The big lake is 3.5 acres and the small lake is 1.5 acres.

    FISHMASTER Peter Wantuch

    (650) 678-2515

    There is no lodging at the lake so we will be staying in Red Bluff at the Hampton Inn & Suites. You can call to reserve your room 

    520 Adobe Rd, Red Bluff, CA 96080

    Phone(530) 529-4178

    Cost per rod options
    Max. 8 rods and no other anglers on the lakes. Cost will be $130. per rod. If we have less than 8 cost will be adjusted as follows: 4-5 rods $155, 6-7 rods $140, DROP DEAD DATE to REGISTER January 1st 2018 


    What to Expect: We have two spring-fed ponds at an elevation of about 1200 ft in the foothills of Mt. Lassen

    The big pond is 3.5 acres and the small pond is 1.5 acres. Both ponds are small enough to fish effectively from shore or by wading. Feel free to use your float tube or pontoon boat on the big pond. The ponds are home to trophy trout from 3 to 15 pounds. The ponds are home to trophy trout from 3 to 15 pounds.


    Woolly Bugger, #6-10

    Marabou Leech, #6-10

    Seal Bugger, #6-10

    Zonkers, #6-8

    Clouser Minnow, #6


    Olive Damselfly Nymph, #8-10

    Callibaetis Nymph, #14-18

    Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, #14-18

    Pheasant Tail, #14-18

    Midge Patterns, #14-18


    Callibaetis Cripple, #14-16

    Traditional Adams, #14-16

    Parachute Adams, #12-20

    March Brown Dun, #12-14

    Float tubes: It's not necessary to use a float tube, but it is a lot of fun! Pontoon boats also work here.

    The big pond was a concrete ramp with handrails to facilitate launching of float tubes. Don’t forget your flippers and booties

     Our host will help you disinfect your float tube/pontoon boat before use.

    Waders/Boots: We recommend neoprene or breathable chest-high waders. Neoprene waders are great for keeping warm while float tubing or during cold weather. Always wear a wading belt with your waders!

     Felt, spiked, and rubber-bottomed boots will all work here. If you’re float tubing,

    lightweight neoprene booties usually work best with flippers. Our host will help you disinfect your waders & boots before use.

    Clothing: Bring clothing suitable for both warm and wet, cool weather.

    Remember, no tackle is provided or available!

    Call me if you have any questions

    Tight Lines 


    • April 27, 2018
    • April 29, 2018
    • Trinity River & Lewiston Lake
    • 2

     Trinity River/Lewiston Lake  fishout Date April 27th, 28th and 29th 2018 

    Member Cost $100 per rod

    Fishmaster Ron Beltramo Alt. Patrick Stauter

    Phone 415-999-8348 Phone 415-509-2731

    e-mail e-mail

    Meeting Place: Barnes Ranch, Salt Flat Road, Lewiston, CA. Time Friday Morning, April 27th (or come Thursday night (April 28th). Stay Friday Night & Saturday Night (Depart on Sunday the 29th)

    Directions link: Barnes Ranch from San Francisco Bay Area--Map--3-2-17.docx

    Notes: This is a Mentor Fishout on the Trinity River & Lewiston Lake – that means that new members and novice fly fisherman will get the first shot. Event hosted by Tom & Kris Barnes at the Barnes Ranch. This Fishout includes tent space at the Barnes ranch, breakfast (KK-B’s delicious baked goods) and dinner on Friday & Saturday (breakfast on Sunday). A packed lunch will also be provided on Friday & Saturday. Fishing options include time on the upper Trinity River (Fly-Fishing only water – catch & release only), with club & local mentors/guides. Additional fishing opportunity on Lewiston Lake (kayak & aluminum boat rentals available). Tentative Plan noted below.

    Friday Plan (tentative) – Fish Trinity River (wading the fly water) in the morning/ Lewiston Lake in the afternoon (from kayak or pram)

    Friday Night Dinner – Pasta Feed 7:30 PM

    Barnes Ranch (backyard area)

    Saturday Plan (tentative) – Fish Lewiston Lake in the morning (from kayak or pram) /Trinity River in afternoon (wading the fly water)

    Saturday Night Dinner – BBQ Tri-Tip 7:30 PM

    Barnes Ranch (backyard area)

    There is limited cell phone coverage in Lewiston, so plan on being “off the grid” while on this trip. For emergencies, calls can be made to/from the Barnes home.

    Species: Trout Trout/Bass

    Water Trinity River Lewiston Lake

    Rod 4 – 6 wt. Line Float and/or Sink Tip

    Skill level Beginner - Expert Physical Challenge Moderate


    See Directions to Barnes Ranch, Lewiston, CA attachment

    (off Goose Ranch Road, on Salt Flat Road) – to be provided.

    *Date may change depending on Trinity River flows. If flows are high, likely will move event date (TBD).

    Don't miss this Fishout!!!


    • June 24, 2018
    • June 29, 2018
    • Dillon Montana

    Keith Fitzpatrick & Marc Quilici are putting together a fishout to Dillon Montana for next summer. They have found a great lodge and guides. All that is left to do is for you to call Keith and let him know you are interested.  Here are the highlights.

           Location – Dillon Mt.

           Date: Mid June 24th - 29th.      Nights at the Beaver Head Lodge

           Fishing: 3 or 5 Days fishing with local guides

           Unique river front property, Reasonable rates, great fishing 

    The cost for lodging and guides and local license:

    Option 1 - 7 nights 3 days with guides $2,075

    Option 2 - 7 nights 5 days with guides $2,625

    Prices do not include transportation to Dillon, alcohol or tips. Pricing assumes 2 people per boat.

    To learn more email Keith at

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