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From mentor trips for beginning fly fishers to advanced trips for the pro's and ranging from basic backpacking to luxurious lodging outings. The calendar below shows them all.

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If you have a favorite place that you are willing to share with your fellow PFF members then you are pre-qualified to be a fishmaster.  Go to "Become a Fishmaster" to learn more.

Fishout Refund Policy

There are no refunds. In the event that a member or guest is, for any reason, unable to attend a fishout he may resell his slot (rod) to another PFF member.  It is the sole responsibility of the member to manage this transaction.  This is not the responsibility of the fishmaster or officers of the club.

Fishout Data Sheet

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Waiver for Guests

Guests need to sign a waiver before they can attend a fishout. Please click and download the PDF below, sign and return to the fishmaster. 

PFF Fishout Waiver Form 

Upcoming events

    • July 12, 2017
    • July 16, 2017
    • Spicer Meadows Reservoir & Highland Creek
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    Registration is closed

    Spicer Meadows Fishout July 12-16th 

    FishMaster: Mark Wilson

    Phone: 650-235-0779

    Cost $40

    Due to large snowpack this year, I am pushing out the date of this trip 1 month.  From June to July. 

    Rod Limit 4 You will need to Pay Mark directlly to secure your spot.

    You don’t have to be an experienced wilderness camper or kayaker to join this trip. Nor have all the camping gear and water gear. There are a few personal essential personal items that I will recommend but I have plenty of gear to lend. 

    What: a boating Fishout to Spicer Meadows Reservoir & Highland Creek in Carson Iceburg Wilderness Area, Sierra Nevada with a maximum of 4 anglers. Will require paddling or peddling 8 miles. In and out. Possibility to catch or miss a trout on  almost every cast.

    Hiking with gear ½ mile. Camping and sleeping in tents. Cost: $50 to have first class camping cuisine. And share the gas to get up there.

    When: Wednesday June 14th
    . - Sunday June  18th  Leave Wednesday evening after commute traffic.  Stay at my cabin in Cottage Springs. Thursday Spicer Res. & paddle  to reach Highland Creek. 2 full days fishing. Sunday pack up and return Sunday night.

    Where:  Cabin:. Highway 4 (11 miles beyond Arnold) > 40 minutes to Spicer Res boat ramp. Off Highway 4 past Dorrington and before Bear Valley. 11 miles on Spicer Meadows Road (paved). To boat ramp. Paddle in 8 miles to mouth of Highland Creek. Entering the Carson Iceburg Wilderness Area.,-120.0371621,13z

    Type of Fishing: Classic Sierra Trout Stream at its finest. Deep pools, riffles, pocket water. Wet and dry fly fishing are productive. Dry fly with indicator and bead head dropper is my most common set up.

    Spicer Reservoir- fishing intermediate line for cruising Rainbows and Brook Trout. Average 12 to 15 inches. Fishing shoreline or from kayak. The mouth of Highland is especially productive.

    Skill Level: Any level with some casting experience.  Trout will reward the fly fisher with correct no-drag casts. Water is gin clear. Trout will spook. Stalking trout is
    common. Given the diversity of the creek, you can try & hone most all stream/river FF techniques.


    Boats: I can accommodate 4 other people with my 2 tandem kayaks and 1 single. The single and tandem Hobie Adventure Islands require peddling and sailing. My tandem Wilderness Systems Northstar  will require pretty strong paddling ability. Especially on Sunday into a head wind.

    Fishing: I use a 9’ 4 W rod with floating line on highland creek most of the time. 5/6 W for nymphing larger flies and deep pools as well as in the lake with usually an I line. Normal mix of dry and wet trout flies. I usually kill it with a Compardun #14, Cooper Jackets and beadhead pheasant tails. Size 12 – 14. #16 brassie.. I don’t use nor need waders but have some dry kayaking pants for paddling. Waders can suffice. I generally wet wade into the stream in the June. You will generally be fishing from the bank.

    Clothes: Zip off quick drying pants are what I wear all the time. And an extra pair for the evening. Quick dry LS shirt and quick dry T shirt Long and short sleeve and Polar tech jacket. Wading jacket or water proof jacket for paddling and rare rain showers. I can provide anyone my detailed gear list.

    Camping Equipment: light weight tent, sleeping bag and pad. The Fishmaster will provide the cooking equipment and plan and do most of the cooking.


    3 hour drive to cabin.  Leave after commute traffic about 7 PM  “62 Beatrice Dr. , Camp Connell”  for google maps but it’s actually in Cottage Springs. It’s 32 miles above Angels Camp.  .  Spend night there.

    40 minute drive. Reach Spicer Boat Ramp by mid-morning.

    Pack kayaks and paddle up Spicer Reservoir in about 2 hours. (8 miles) Tail wind.

    Arrive at mouth of Highland Creek. Unload kayaks into backpacks and walk 1 mile to campsite, set up camp and fish the evening.

    Friday and Saturday: fish Highland Creek. Optional Hike:  short paddle back to trailhead of Sword and Lost Lake, under the Dardenell Cones. Approx. 4 hours.

    Sunday: break camp, hike back to boats, pack kayaks and paddle back. Usually into a strong head wind. 3 people will be sailing on Fishmaster’s Hobie sail/yaks.

    Arrive boat ramp, pack cars (probably late afternoon) and drive home.

    This is my favorite fishing spot that I want to share. I wouldn’t go there and paddle 16+ miles r/t 2 to 4 times a season if it wasn’t special.

    If you have questions Please give me a call or drop me a note.

    Looking forward to a good time,

    Mark Wilson

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    • July 13, 2017
    • July 16, 2017
    • Castle Crags State Park (Dunsmuir)
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    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

    Join waitlist

    Upper Sac & McCloud Weekend in Dunsmuir

    July 13 -16 2017

    Fish Master: EJ Melzer

    Just like last year, we are planning to use the Castle Crags campsite and camp on the side of the river. Fish from your tent if you want.

    EJ will be doing a show and tell for European style nymphing and will be tying his specialty, the woven nymph, on Saturday. We try to reserve the max. amount of tags for the Nature Conservancy section on the McCloud for Friday for those that want to fish this beautiful stretch of river.

    We will make reservations for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the campground. We have several BBQ pits and have access to hot showers on the campground.

    Food and drink schedule: TBD at a later date

    Some of us will go up on Thursday afternoon to fish Friday and Saturday. If you don't like campgrounds there are reasonably priced lodging options nearby in Dunsmuir.
    Cost: $30/angler for food and supplies + campsite fee (depending on amount of tents)

    Questions? Contact EJ Melzer


    • August 10, 2017
    • August 13, 2017
    • Hi Sierra Mountains
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    In Search of Liquid Gold: A PFF High Sierra Backpacking Trip.

    Date: August 10-13, 2017

    Cost: $6 per person at signup, plus an optional donation for gas on the trip TBD.

    Fish Master Gary Trott


    In all the legends from the Sierra high country there is no higher calling than exploring California for liquid gold. This includes searching for gold in high mountain sunsets, golden nuggets, and the evening glow reflected off friends around a high alpine lake exchanging fishing stories. Exploring every mountain creek, lake, and waterfall will test your rock dancing, photography, and fishing skills. Any mis-step will alert the Liquid Gold, trout natives and dash any possibilities of catching the wily quarry. The alpine glow at the favorite, targeted campsite is reminiscent of the mountain paintings by Thomas Kincaid .

    A Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita relative.

    This short trip is to encourage beginners and the less experienced. Preference will be given to new PFF members and those beginning fly fisherpersons young in heart. It will be a 4 day long weekend trip into the John Muir Wilderness area in the heart the high Sierra National Forest.

     We will get the reserved permit at the Prather Ranger Station in central California and proceed up the bumpy Kaiser pass road. Anyone signing up for the trip must be physically fit enough to carry a multi-day pack of food and equipment (~35-50 lbs) uphill to 10,500ft over one and a half days in August.

     There are maintained trails and light use, non-maintained trails. At a minimum, each person will need their own clothing, sleeping bag, fishing rod, and able to provide their own water supply. Extra camping equipment is available if needed. Transportation, food planning, and fishing experience, Q&A will be shared pre-trip by email and at the PFF workshop on 3-August.

     Everyone is guaranteed to catch a fish and return warm, safe, and sound with stories to tell. A maximum of four people can be accommodated in the beginning. If there are more on the waiting list perhaps another high clearance vehicle and permit can be arranged. Cost will be $6 per person plus, optionally a share of the vehicle gas depending on final driving arrangements. For more details contact fish whisperer, Gary Trott

    • August 25, 2017
    • August 27, 2017
    • Trinity River & Lewiston Lake
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     Trinity River/Lewiston Lake MENTOR fishout Date August 25th & 26th 2017*

    Member Cost $100 per rod

    Fishmaster Ron Beltramo Alt. Patrick Stauter

    Phone 415-999-8348 Phone 415-509-2731

    e-mail e-mail

    Meeting Place: Barnes Ranch, Salt Flat Road, Lewiston, CA. Time Friday Morning, August 25th (or come Thursday night (August 24th). Stay Friday Night & Saturday Night (Depart on Sunday)

    Directions link: Barnes Ranch from San Francisco Bay Area--Map--3-2-17.docx

    Notes: This is a Mentor Fishout on the Trinity River & Lewiston Lake – that means that new members and novice fly fisherman will get the first shot. Event hosted by Tom & Kris Barnes at the Barnes Ranch. This Fishout includes tent space at the Barnes ranch, breakfast (KK-B’s delicious baked goods) and dinner on Friday & Saturday (breakfast on Sunday). A packed lunch will also be provided on Friday & Saturday. Fishing options include time on the upper Trinity River (Fly-Fishing only water – catch & release only), with club & local mentors/guides. Additional fishing opportunity on Lewiston Lake (kayak & aluminum boat rentals available). Tentative Plan noted below.

    Friday Plan (tentative) – Fish Trinity River (wading the fly water) in the morning/ Lewiston Lake in the afternoon (from kayak or pram)

    Friday Night Dinner – Pasta Feed 7:30 PM

    Barnes Ranch (backyard area)

    Saturday Plan (tentative) – Fish Lewiston Lake in the morning (from kayak or pram) /Trinity River in afternoon (wading the fly water)

    Saturday Night Dinner – BBQ Tri-Tip 7:30 PM

    Barnes Ranch (backyard area)

    There is limited cell phone coverage in Lewiston, so plan on being “off the grid” while on this trip. For emergencies, calls can be made to/from the Barnes home.

    Species: Trout Trout/Bass

    Water Trinity River Lewiston Lake

    Rod 4 – 6 wt. Line Float and/or Sink Tip

    Skill level Beginner - Expert Physical Challenge Moderate


    See Directions to Barnes Ranch, Lewiston, CA attachment

    (off Goose Ranch Road, on Salt Flat Road) – to be provided.

    *Date may change depending on Trinity River flows. If flows are high, likely will move event date (TBD).

    Don't miss this Fishout!!!


    • September 09, 2017
    • September 10, 2017
    • Indian Creek Campground (Markleeville)
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    The East Carson fishout actually provides access to a host of streams and lakes including (drum roll please) the West Carson.

    The Indian Creek Campground is very nice, located right on a lake. The week after the Labor Day weekend the campground should be almost empty. For those of you who prefer something a little more luxurious there is Sorensen's just up the road.  Very nice place and a great place for an upscale dinner.

    This is all about trout fishing on relatively small water (of course, this year it may be a little different). So bring you 3-5wt, Tenkara or Czech rig.

    The river access ranges from very easy to challenging so there is something for everyone regardless of fitness or skill level - beginners are definitely welcome.

    I will plan on being in the Campground on Friday evening. The last time we did this outing we ate the majority of our meals in town but I am open to any suggestions.

    Dave Peterson

    • October 07, 2017
    • Delta, Stockton Ca
    • 7

     PFF Fishout with Bill Beckett – Headwaters Kayak & Fly Fishing 

    Location: Delta Fishing – Stockton CA Date October 7, 2017

    Cost $80 per rod, Directions Village West Marina, 6649 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, CA

    Sign up Deadline: April 30 to hold the October Date.

     6 rod minimum, 12 maximum. If 12 rods signup, there will be two guides for the day.

    Fishmaster Ron Beltramo Alt. Patrick Stauter

    Phone 415-999-8348 Phone 415-509-2731

    e-mail e-mail

    Plan for the Day:

    Meet Bill at 5:30 AM to get set up with kayaks and gear (if needed) and head out on 14 Mile Slough to fish for Bass and Striped Bass. Fish in morning till about 11 AM, return to launch area for lunch, than go back out for afternoon.

    Meeting Place Village West Marina, 6649 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, CA – Meet Bill Becket (Headwaters Kayak & Fly Fishing) Time Saturday Morning early October 7th - Will want to be there by 5:30 AM (my want to stay at local motel on Friday night.

    Notes: This is a guided Fishout by Bill Beckett of Headwaters Kayak & Fly Fishing. It will be a one day trip. Bill Beckett will provide kayaks for all rods and will have some fly fishing gear (up to 8 set ups) available for those of you that will needs rods for the  trip. Plan to fish for stripers early, come back for lunch at a local restaurant at the launch area, then go back out in the afternoon to focus on bass. 

    Species: Bass/Striped Bass

    Water: Delta (14 Mile Slough)

    Rod 6-8 wt Line Float or Sink Tip or Sink Line

    Skill level Beginner - Expert Physical Challenge Moderate

    Note: This Fishout can take up to 12 people. Need minimum of 6. Best if we can get 12 (two guides).

    If you have questions please give one of us a call

    Ron or Patrick

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